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The LEGAL REVOLUTION 2020 is canceled

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See the Digital Transformation of the Law Live at the LEGAL REVOLUTION Expo & Congress


It's time to put an end to the copyright word play with LEGAL ®️EVOLUTION and the confusion that occasionally accompanies it. We were and are the LEGAL REVOLUTION!

In order to start the new decade and the fourth year of the event in a clear and transparent way, we have decided to change the superscript "®️" to an "R" at normal height.

The fresh breeze in our spelling does not change the high quality of the event and its visitors. So this year you can look forward to enriching and revolutionary moments at LEGAL REVOLUTION.

The LEGAL REVOLUTION Expo & Congress merges an exhibition and congress for legal innovation, business and change management, and the law of the digital economy, forming Europe's premier legal innovation event for legal departments, compliance departments, and law firms.

The LEGAL REVOLUTION holds a strong international presence with visitors, speakers, and exhibitors from all parts of Europe and beyond. Therefore,
the official language of the congress is English.

LEGAL REVOLUTION highlights state of the art legal, compliance, and risk solutions for lawyers, managers, and IT specialists from legal departments, compliance departments, and law firms.

Visitors at the LEGAL REVOLUTION will learn about the leading services, IT solutions, and technologies across the entire legal value chain. Legal technology and legal innovation at your fingertips!

At the workshops, individual and group coaching sessions, the presentations and panels, leading experts will give the LEGAL REVOLUTION's visitors a unique insight into the tremendous potential of digitization for the legal system. The experts’ recommendations address the impact automation, artificial intelligence, computational law, block chain, and other fundamental developments has on legal departments, compliance departments, and law firms. Standardization comes before digitization – and for this reason, business processes and workflow management are also core topics

The goal of LEGAL REVOLUTION is to provide all members of the legal and compliance market with comprehensive information on the fundamental developments in the law and compliance industry. Every industry needs a principal event to find solutions for the future. The LEGAL REVOLUTION is that event for Europe’s legal and compliance community.