Julien Weiler is Co-Founder and CEO of smartvokat, a startup focused on Legal Engineering and Legal Tech with innovation hubs in Berlin and Düsseldorf/Hilden. Against the background of more than 12 years of experience in agile software engineering and two successful startups, he advises legal departments, law firms, and alternative legal service providers in digital transformation. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, he integrates technology, management, law and design, resulting in holistic and human-needs centred legal solutions.

As a project manager in charge of the - at present - biggest international legal transformation project in legal departments in Europe on the basis of ServiceNow, Julien possesses deep insights and experience with respect to the implementation of legal innovation and digital transformation.

Julien Weiler is a software engineer holding a degree in Communication and Multimedia design from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen (Germany).